Case Study: Building an Agile Ecosystem

Traditional corporate structures are challenged to keep up with changing competitors, consumers, and technology. These challenges are magnified for investment companies that follow a decentralized portfolio company thesis. Inspired by military doctrine and agile methodology, LDR deploys and operates an “Innovation Infrastructure” to organically discover, assess, and launch projects for the financial services industry and their portfolio companies.

Creating Agile Systems to Foster Portfolio Growth

This model represents LDR’s value as a growth and innovation-focused operating partner. By creating and connecting working group gatherings (thinkers), innovation lab meetings (builders) and operating projects (buyers), our results show that agile innovation directly translates to corporate growth opportunities.

 LDR’s Innovation Infrastructure



A decentralized holding company constrained by limited systems for operating units to collaborate (best practices, people, technology), learn, structure, and drive high-ROI untapped ideas existing across portfolio companies among personnel below the C-suite.


LDR facilitated the design and implementation of structures for operating units to collaborate voluntarily. A network of inter-company working groups helped identify and address common problems. LDR routinely facilitates working group sessions and advises on specific projects and opportunities as they arise.


In its third year of operation, the holdings company has seen the emergence of future leaders, enhanced retention through intra-fund personnel transfers, millions of dollars in cost savings through joint procurement efforts, and dozens of successful, high return projects completed.


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