Case Study: Responding to the Impact from Hurricane Harvey

In response to the devastating impact left by Hurricane Harvey, the Fairfax Family rallied together to help rebuild. The service trip, known as Operation Helping Hands, brought together 22 volunteers from five different Fairfax companies – LDR, Northbridge, Riverstone, TheZenith, and Crum & Forster. The volunteers converged in Houston, Texas in early March for four days of service and camaraderie. The team combined for over 550 hours of volunteer time, moved 4,800 pounds of mulch, distributed more than 2,680 pounds of rocks, planted 75 bushes and shrubs, and removed more than five truckloads of debris.

The video below covers the whole story, from devastation to rebuild, and shows how the impact of the service trip. Check it out to see how the power of the Fairfax family shone in a time of real need!

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