Case Study: Structuring a System Prioritization Method

A workers’ compensation provider was looking to improve their IT system prioritization by enhancing internal communications. LDR successfully implemented a system to achieve these goals and prioritize IT projects based on business value.

Enhancing Internal Communications for IT Spend Optimization


Prioritizing IT projects can often be a complex process, particularly in large firms. With compartmentalized departments competing for limited resources, large firms run the risk missing growth opportunities and efficiency improvements. One premier workers’ compensation provider was looking to address these challenges by optimizing internal communications and improve IT system prioritization. With a budget of over $30M and thousands of competing priorities, streamlining IT spend processes into a systematic and objective roadmap would allow for improved financial planning and heightened management visibility into IT innovation opportunities. The firm brought in LDR to develop a system that would enhance organizational communication and prioritize IT projects based on business value.


After meeting with regional stakeholders, collecting and analyzing data, and understanding existing processes and strategy, LDR looked to achieve two objectives: 1) validate existing prioritization of IT spend, and 2) construct a value-based, grassroots-driven methodology for processing and engaging ideas from over 1,000 employees.

LDR’s IT system prioritization solution enhanced innovation discovery and dialogue between grassroot user experiences and broader business objectives.


LDR intimately learned the firm’s business, processes, and IT infrastructure and delivered regular briefings to senior business leaders over the course of the project. In under four months, LDR provided the firm’s executives with an objective perspective on the optimality of its IT roadmap. The firm then successfully launched its employee-driven operations transformation program, engaging high performers and leadership from across the organization to improve prioritization going forward.  The firm also carried out LDR’s recommendation to implement a new role focused on communication and innovation, which enabled executives to consistently monitor strategic needs without slowing the pace of existing IT development projects.

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