Case Study: Re-Igniting Leadership & Innovation at a Century-Old Insurance Group

March 20, 2018

As a commercial property and casualty insurance group, Northbridge Financial Corporation has found themselves at the forefront of many industry-leading innovations. To strengthen the human-capital component of their business strategy, they hired LDR to help train and develop their leaders and build high-performing teams. Given the experience of several LDR team members within the US Army Special Operations Command, Northbridge knew that LDR could devise and execute a unique program that would challenge their people and ultimately make them better leaders and stronger team members.

Investing in Leadership

For more than 90 years, Northbridge Financial Corporation has been protecting Canadian businesses with innovative commercial property and casualty insurance solutions. With forward-thinking management at the helm, the company has successfully embraced a culture of innovation, necessary for sustainability in today’s competitive business climate. With a keen focus on improving their people and teams, Northbridge wanted to ensure their internal assets were as strong as possible. By fortifying their team with rigorous leadership training and dynamic communication strategies, Northbridge hoped to accomplish just that.

Leveraging Team Dynamics

Northbridge challenged LDR to help the company’s leaders reach their full potential. In response, LDR assembled a five-person team, with a combined 50-years of elite military experience, specialized in leadership and high-performance team development. LDR orchestrated a three-part plan, which consisted of:

  • Organizing and executing a physically-challenging team-building event
  • Facilitating a leadership seminar focused on developing an actionable vision and mission
  • Advising the creation of an execution-based strategy to achieve the newly distilled calls-to-action

Through this three-part program, LDR was able to demonstrate the value in overcoming physical and mental adversity and laying the foundation for a high-performing team through shared experience, clear vision and a common mission.

Building a Foundation of Strong, Innovative Leaders

After completing a series of physical team-building challenges and a leadership seminar, the Northbridge leadership team was collectively stronger and visibly more unified. It was apparent that they could move forward with a better understanding of what it takes to achieve as a team, and how as leaders they might better inspire and enable collaboration, selfless contribution, and rapid execution. Engaging with LDR only proved to strengthen the company’s commitment to their customer-centric and community values.

As Northbridge continues to lean into innovative growth strategies and maximize their human capital, it’s their effective leadership strategy and unified teams that will serve as the backbone for their growth moving forward.

“What LDR did, appropriately tested the ability of our people to work together, both as leaders and as team members in the same setting. The physical nature generated a more natural interaction, as we thought more about the environment and activity than the common “management exercise” component.”

 Craig Pinnock, Chief Financial Officer, Northbridge Financial Corporation


LDR is a growth and innovation advisory firm focused on providing advanced problem solving, leadership, and investment acceleration services that help businesses achieve their goals. LDR operates as a conduit between capital providers and invested companies to seize opportunities, develop innovation capabilities, and accelerate operations with the goal of maximizing ROI for all stakeholders.

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