LDR’s Newest Team Member!

Meet Dylan Payne, LDR’s newest Business Analyst. Dylan comes to LDR from Duke University, where he recently graduated with a degree in Sociology and a certificate in Markets and Management. While at Duke, Dylan was a member of the Swimming and Diving Team where he was a 2017 CSCAA Scholar All-America First Team selection and was awarded the Duke’s Blue Devil Award, which celebrates excellence and leadership in athletics, the classroom, and throughout the community.

“I’m confident Dylan will not only be an asset as an analyst and a member of a high performing team, but his energy, attitude, and athletic leadership experience will be the perfect fit for LDR.” JD Dolan, Principal of LDR stated, “We are lucky to have him!”

To learn more about Dylan we sat down and asked some additional questions…

How Were You Introduced to LDR?

I had been working with Tony Sales, the Assistant director of Athletics and Student-Athlete External Affairs for Duke University, for around a year.  He helped connect me with my summer internship after my junior year and we continued to work together throughout my senior year to narrow down job opportunities.  Tony introduced me to LDR through one of his professional connections.

What Kind of Experience Do You Bring With You To LDR?

I was a 4-year member of the Duke Varsity Swim Team.  During my time on the team, I was elected as Recruiting Coordinator.  In this position I managed and coordinated movements of 60 members of the team, in addition to recruits.  I learned to effectively communicate with others, developing a leadership style that was effective and applicable to all facets of my life.

I worked as a Sales and Marketing Intern for an organization in Durham, North Carolina.  There I learned to translate my time management skills and work ethic into high sales numbers.  I learned how to transfer my skills as a teammate on the pool deck into being an effective and valued coworker.

What Traits Do You Think Will Make You Successful on the LDR Team?

I believe that my passion for working on teams will translate well into LDR’s philosophy of using small teams to conquer large problems.  I know that my excitement and willingness to learn will be valuable under the knowledgeable and high-caliber leadership here.

Every Morning, What Motivates You To Get Out of Bed?

I’m very excited about transitioning from undergraduate life into my professional life.  I’m looking forward to finding the next thing I can excel at and I believe that LDR provides room for both personal and professional growth.  The stimulating projects and engaging people are the reasons I love coming in to work every morning.

With All the Options You Had, Why Did You Pick LDR?

It was important to me that I find a place where I could be impactful.  LDR’s structure allows and encourages me to communicate with everyone all the way up to the Principals.  Because of this, I can have a meaningful voice and presence.  I chose LDR because they presented an opportunity to work on unique problem sets that challenge and push me to be the best I can be.

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