Case Study: Federated Insurance Leadership & Team Building Event





February 2018

LDR ran a leadership and team building event for Federated Insurance in Banff, Alberta, CA. Federated asked us to be a part of their Executive Leadership Offsite and lead a unique team building event and leadership seminar based on lessons learned from serving in the US Army.

The team building session, deemed “Operation Climb to Glory,” took a military-style approach during an obstacle-filled climb of Tunnel Mountain in Banff National Park. Each team was required to move with over 150-pounds of equipment while simultaneously maneuvering obstacles along the trail. These obstacles were designed to pull Federated leaders out of their comfort zone, challenge them both mentally and physically, and ultimately pull them closer together as a team through an irreplaceable shared experience based on teamwork.

The follow-on leadership seminar was a hands-on, engaging facilitation geared towards developing communication skills vital to effective leadership. The seminar included classes on leader’s intent, mission, and the importance of clear and concise communication, which included exercises like role-play scenarios, group discussions, and lessons learned from years of experience serving in Special Operations Forces.

When asked following the event, Wayne Connelly, President of Federated Insurance, summed up the event best by saying, “This is an event we will always remember. While it was challenging, I thought the team building event was outstanding. The leadership sessions had several key takeaways and I greatly valued how our team came together and I loved how we landed on our ‘purpose statement.’ Honestly, this was one of the best events I’ve been a part of.”


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