LDR Partners with Local Non-Profit Horton’s Kids in Support of Children in Southeast Washington, D.C.

February 6, 2018

There can be no question that positively contributing to the community is a core part of LDR’s collective mission. Every member of our team is voluntarily involved at some individual level with a non-profit organization, whether through board membership, volunteer projects, or mentoring support.  Since headquartering in Washington, DC in the summer of 2016, we’ve been on the hunt to find a non-profit organization that we as an organization could partner with and whose mission we could support. Today, we are excited to announce our partnership and long-term commitment to Horton’s Kids!

Horton’s Kids is a community-based, social change 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves nearly 500 children, grades K through 12, living in Wellington Park, an isolated and underserved neighborhood in southeast Washington, D.C. The mission of Horton’s Kids is to empower at-risk children and prepare them to succeed in school, career, and life through educational opportunities and comprehensive programs tailored to meet their needs.

“We are deeply grateful for LDR’s collective focus on philanthropy and their incredibly generous support of Horton’s Kids,” said Robin Berkley, Executive Director of Horton’s Kids. “I simply cannot express how excited I am to move forward with this partnership. LDR’s support and time will mean so much to the children in Horton’s Kids.”

The decision to support Horton’s Kids was a completely employee-led initiative. “As an organization in 2017, we set several goals that, if achieved, unlocked a lump sum of money to donate to a non-profit organization selected by our team together,” said LDR Principal Rich Sexton. “Those goals were met, and the team immediately got the ball moving trying to find the right organization to support. Knowing everything we know about Horton’s Kids right now, it seems like the perfect fit!”

While the financial support is important, we are most excited about the opportunity to volunteer our time and energy to support Horton’s Kids. Check back throughout the year to see the exciting ways we are volunteering with Horton’s Kids! To learn more about Horton’s Kids, visit their website at hortonskids.org.

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