Why the Ideal Path to Organizational Growth Begins with Individual Growth


By Rich Sexton

This article originally featured on Startup Mindset

A successful entrepreneurial enterprise is more than an innovative or disruptive idea. Success in the enterprise context is about building basic infrastructure to act as a mechanism to convert ideas into value. Peter Drucker emphasized that successful entrepreneurship, a core feature of enterprise success, is the byproduct of discipline and not of magic, mystery or wild creative ideation. The importance of discipline suggests that success relies, substantially in part, on the enterprise’s ability (through the individuals within the enterprise) to increasingly learn skills and practices and consistently deliver value to its customers and clients. We refer to the mechanism created as a result of this disciplined value-creation approach as the “business infrastructure”.

Well-designed and well-constructed business infrastructure depends on the availability of capital – both financial and human – and, optimizing the use of available capital is the lynchpin of business viability. That is not to say, however, that even most successful companies will never experience shortfalls or become vulnerable to stagnation. Such is particularly true of large and traditionally decentralized organizations, or those with more fragmented operations.

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