Meet Jasmin Jones: LDR’s Newest Analyst

Meet Jasmin Jones, LDR’s newest Analyst! Jasmin is a graduate of Brown University, where she was an External Engagement Coordinator for Women in Business and was also awarded the Most Creative Capstone Project for her work on Africana Studies.

“We are very excited about the addition of Jasmin.” Rich Sexton, Principal of LDR stated, “Jasmin brings a unique skillset and impressive background that will greatly impact our team and the clients we serve.”

To learn more about Jasmin we sat down and asked her some additional questions…

How were you introduced to LDR? 

I was introduced to LDR through a mutual connection from my previous internship experience at Zenith Insurance Company and by also getting to know the team through various events in DC. Everyone was very open to sharing their individual experience and learning about my interest in LDR.

What kind of experience do you bring with you to LDR? 

My previous experience includes internships for several large corporations including international & consumer insights research for a media company and working as a private wealth management analyst in investment management at a financial institution.

What traits do you think will make you successful on the LDR team

I find that tenacity, creativity and exercising genuine curiosity are my best attributes when working well with others and solving problems.

Every morning, what motivates you to get out of bed?  

I am strong believer in living in the present. I have a deep appreciation for the fact that I only have one life to live, and since I do not know how it started or when it is ending, I am motivated each day when I wake up to engage every aspect of the full experience and ultimately make the absolute best of it while I am around.

With all the options you had, why did you pick LDR?

I chose LDR because every team member is intelligent, determined and authentic. I admire all of my peers and leadership; I believe every individual at the company possesses a trait that I can learn from to build myself as a professional.

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