Meet Matt Johnson and Jan Maceczek: LDR’s Newest Business Analysts

July 31, 2018

We are very excited to announce the addition of Matt Johnson and Jan Maceczek to the LDR team. Matt and Jan both recently graduated from Duke University. Matt majored in economics with a minor in sociology while Jan majored in public policy with a minor in economics and Russian. Both were impressive student-athletes with Matt serving as captain of the swim team and Jan captaining the fencing team to a conference championship.

“Student-athletes from top schools like Duke University have performed at an elite level under challenging conditions,” stated Richard Sexton, Co-Founder and Principal of LDR. “Talent of this caliber and character is the key ingredient of our high performing teams.”

We sat down with the “Duke Duo” to learn more about them and their journey to LDR.

How were you introduced to LDR?

Matt: I was introduced to LDR through a former Duke teammate, Dylan Payne (Analyst at LDR). I spoke with Dylan at an on-campus career session and was excited to learn more about the company and the opportunity.

Jan: I also discovered LDR at a Duke career networking event where I met LDR teammates. Although it was a quick introduction, I immediately felt a connection to them and I was interested in learning more.

What kind of experience do you bring with you to LDR?

Matt: I bring leadership experience from being a member of the swim team at Duke. As captain, I developed skills that I plan to carry over into my role at LDR. I previously interned with a financial services firm specializing in personal wealth management, which I think prepared me for some of the technical work I’ll be doing at LDR.

Jan: Last summer, I interned at a DC-based investment research firm focused on the impact of policy on financial markets. By working across many different sectors, I developed a broad understanding of the issues applicable to diverse industries.

What traits do you think will make you successful on the LDR team?

Matt: I think being detail-oriented, steadfast, and motivated to do right by our clients will help me succeed at LDR.

Jan: My experiences have helped me appreciate what it takes to be an effective and principled leader, and I am very excited to apply and further develop these skills at LDR.

What motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

Matt: For me, it’s the desire to learn something new.

Jan: Other than coffee, it’s believing in the work that I do and making a tangible impact.

What led you to ultimately pick LDR?

Matt: LDR stood out to me because of the immense sense of pride that the employees carry with them.

Jan: During my career search, it was critical for me to find a close-knit team that would value my enthusiasm and help me grow professionally and personally. At LDR, everyone from management to your peers are supportive of your growth and success. Because of the strength of the team, I am confident that LDR will continue its impressive growth and I am excited to be a part of it.

LDR is a growth and innovation advisory firm focused on providing advanced problem solving, leadership, and investment acceleration services that help businesses achieve their goals. LDR operates as a conduit between capital providers and invested companies to seize opportunities, develop innovation capabilities, and accelerate operations with the goal of maximizing ROI for all stakeholders.

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