Meet Deborah Wheeler: LDR’s Newest Office Manager

Meet Deborah Wheeler, LDR’s newest Office Manager and organizational glue. Deborah comes to LDR from Pierce & Ryan Dentistry, where she was a Registered Dental Hygienist. Deborah is a graduate of Augusta State University with a bachelor of Science degree and diploma in Dental Hygiene. She has years of expertise in management, protocol development, and system implementation that will help maximize the efficiency and continuity of the LDR team.

“We couldn’t have a better person join our team.” Rich Sexton, Principal of LDR stated, “Deborah brings dynamic skills and an engaging personality that will bring countless benefits to our LDR team.”

To learn more about Deborah we sat down and asked some additional questions…

How Were You Introduced to LDR?

I first learned about LDR directly from one of the Principals, JD Dolan. I have known him personally for a couple of years and have always enjoyed hearing him talk about LDR.

What Kind of Experience Do You Bring with You To LDR?

I’ve spent 9 years working in small dental practices where I have experience overseeing large portions of the business such as budgeting, inventory, new hire training, accounting and creating processes that helped to ensure continuity within our practice.

What Traits Do You Think Will Make You Successful on the LDR Team?

I am very passionate about the places I work, and I enjoy helping organize companies and trying to find ways to make the company run most efficiently internally, as well as externally for our clients.

Every Morning, What Motivates You to Get Out of Bed?

Being a part of something that is bigger than me. By that I mean being a part of something that is challenging me to grow outside of who I was yesterday.

What Led You to Ultimately Pick LDR?

I was impressed with not only their business model, but also everyone I had access to inside LDR. All the Principals and team members are top of the line people. They are some of the most professional, intelligent and sincere people I have met. To have such consistency within a company left a lasting impression, and that was when I knew LDR was something I wanted to be a part of. This is a company I can say I am proud to be a part of.

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