With Gratitude, We Explore Our Experience Working With Veterans


By Jan Maceczek & Dylan Payne

We would like to begin by thanking all our veterans and current active-duty service members. The impact you’ve made through your selfless sacrifice deserves our endless gratitude.

In 2017, the veteran population reached 20.4 million men and women. Why is this significant? For starters, the chances of working alongside a veteran are high!

As you may be aware, LDR was founded in 2011 by three army officers: Rich Sexton, Lauren Gore, and JD Dolan. Since then, LDR has maintained its commitment to hiring some of our nation’s finest veterans. Having no military background ourselves, we wanted to reflect on what makes working alongside veterans special.

Below, we take a look at three attributes our veteran coworkers bring to the office every day.

Commitment to Team

How many job descriptions or resumes have you seen that mention being a team player? Chances are high that it’s included in every one of them. Teamwork is an important skill and also a widespread one. But veterans take it to another level.

During our time at LDR, we have found that the successes and failures of each project are not attributable to one person, but rather the team. President John F. Kennedy characterized this concept when he said, “A rising tide raises all the boats.” Our veteran coworkers drive this ‘team above self’ mentality, allowing our culture to thrive.

Execution and Discipline

Our clients depend on our ability to get things done. Many of them have great ideas or have started world-changing projects, but lack the resources to have these projects realize their full potential. When it comes to accomplishing a mission, veterans are second to none. This is how they’ve been trained from day one. The military provides high-stakes leadership opportunities to young men and women much earlier than their civilian counterparts. We’ve seen our veteran coworkers not only accept ambiguous challenges, but also navigate through them comfortably by adding structure, communicating clearly, and encouraging collaboration.

Our colleagues demonstrate a commitment to execution and discipline through their willingness to research, create, speak, and ultimately, lead through doing. General H. Norman Schwarzkopf captured this ideology in saying, “It doesn’t take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle.” While we certainly aren’t going into battle here at LDR, we continue to benefit from this attitude that no one is above getting their hands dirty.


Perspective is fuel for well-rounded project solutions and is developed through experiential learning. Working alongside former military leaders, we have come to value their unique perspective, which has been developed from working in unforgiving conditions, practicing military methodology, and immersion in foreign cultures. While those of us who have not served may never fully understand what life in the military is like, we can learn from the people who have thrived in that environment. At LDR, we appreciate the value of multiple perspectives when solving problems. The diversity and intensity of their experiences make veterans open-minded and innovative people who are receptive to new ideas.

Final Thoughts

As the country prepares to honor our veterans with parades, church services, and flags flying high, we would like to take a moment and thank all veterans for their service to this great country. As two of the nonmilitary employees at LDR, working with veterans has helped us grow both professionally and personally. We are thankful and proud to work among veterans at LDR!

LDR is a growth and innovation advisory firm committed to helping businesses navigate transformational growth. We do this by providing advanced advisory services and world class leadership development. Our approach applies military doctrine to design thinking to generate innovative solutions that help our clients achieve their goals.

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